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The Source Young People's Charity


Abby’s Story (name has been changed)

Abby was at risk of eviction from her accommodation as she was often at the centre of arguments and fights and was constantly drawn into dramas.   We enabled Abby to take a hard look at her life and see that the repeating patterns established in her childhood did not suit the life she wanted for herself.  She was supported to make brave choices about her life.  Abby’s accommodation is now secure, and she has changed her friendship circle.

Ben’s Story (name has been changed)

Ben believed he was turning out just like his dad and that there was nothing he could do to change.  Through his Anger Management Programme Ben saw that he has self-determination about his choices and actions.  He has become more relaxed and his relationships with his mum, family, school friends and teachers have improved.   

Catherine’s Story (name has been changed)

Catherine felt estranged from everyone, “too different” and was jealous of her brothers.  We gave Catherine the space she needed to vent her anger safely and to reflect on the impact her behaviour.  Catherine was able to see that the root of her anger was the breakdown of her parents’ marriage.  Through creative expression Catherine was able to think about the type of relationships she wanted with her parents.  Catherine’s aggressive outbursts have now ceased and her relationships with her family are improving.

David’s Story (name has been changed)

David was not going to school and was wandering the streets with much older lads.  We worked with David around his engagement with his school and Children’s Services and helped him to understand his childhood experiences.  Through our support David is now doing well at school and plans to go to college.

Eddie’s Story (name has been changed)

Eddie has a history of violence and domestic violence while under the influence of alcohol.  Through our support Eddie has stabilised his life.  He is now in paid work, stably living in rented accommodation, has stopped misusing alcohol and is consequently no longer offending, he has completed his probation period and unpaid work order and is now a good dad for his children.

Frankie’s Story (name has been changed)

Frankie started smoking weed, he then started hanging around with older drug users and drug dealers, he got into debt with the drug dealers and consequently was exploited as a drug runner.  He was in and out of Young Offender Institutes for drug related crimes and violence.  Through our support Frankie is now no longer involved in substance misuse, crime or anti-social behaviour.  He now has a job, stable accommodation, a stable relationship and is planning to train to be a Youth Worker.

Gwen’s Story (name has been changed)

Gwen was struggling to cope following serious traumas in her life. We empowered Gwen to ensure her children got the support needed at school, to engage with domestic abuse support and to learn new ways to manage her children’s behaviour at home.  Gwen has gained a whole new attitude towards her life and now has the confidence to ask for and engage with help. Gwen is now a good parent who positively and creatively parents her children and always ensures their needs are met.

Helen’s Story (name has been changed)

Helen’s Mentor supported her through her professional meetings.  Throughout this process Helen’s mentor ensured that she understood the process and what was expected of her, what she had done well and what she still needed to achieve.  Helen, and her partner, successfully met all expectations and a now a happy family.  Helen has learnt she can trust professionals to be a reliable source of support and now knows she is a valuable and important person. 

Ian’s Story (name has been changed)

Ian was highly anxious, struggling to sleep and desperate for help with meeting the needs of his children.  Through his Anger Management Programme Ian is now much happier and less anxious.  Ian has learnt that people respond well and treat him with respect when he is being open, honest and says clearly what he wants and needs.  His anger about his life and the hopelessness he was feeling have diminished as he has learnt new skills and coping mechanisms and he feels differently about himself and life in general.

Jo's Story (name has been changed)

Through her programme of 1-1 support, Jo has become emotionally well enough to gain control of her life, enjoy being a parent, parent confidently, heal divisions within her wider family, move back in with her partner and return to work.  Jo now finds life hectic but fulfilling. She is a good mum and growing in confidence in her parenting skills and ability to handle the challenges of raising a child.

Kev's Story (name has been changed)

Kev was in trouble with the police, at risk of homelessness and was struggling to look after himself. Through his 1-1 support we made sure he was aware of his rights, supported him to understand and abide by the conditions set by the police, ensured he got the help he needed and supported his successful transition to living in supported accommodation.

Louise's Story (name has been changed)

Louise was at risk of permanent exclusion due to family issues that were affecting her behaviour and ability to do well at school. With the space to talk confidentially Louise was able to manage her feelings in more appropriate ways.  Louise astounded her school by achieving great GCSE results and securing a place at the college she wanted to go to. 

Martin's Story (name has been changed)

Martin had been struggling with outbursts of aggressive behaviour and felt no one understood him.  Through his Anger Management programme Martin built his self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control and learnt to share his feelings and gain support from key people in his life. Martin did well in his GCSE’s and is now studying at College.